Drive Conversions with Captivating LeadGen Campaigns

Tailor your outbound marketing strategy to enhance your lead generation strategy and close more deals. Our tried-and-true outbound marketing tactics include account-based marketing, email marketing, and digital touchpoints. We work with you to create a comprehensive plan that meets the unique needs of your target buyers.


Find out which marketing strategies work best for your business. With our world-renowned database tools, we’ll help you quantify your Ideal Customer Profiles. Then break it down into a marketing funnel in the form of TOFU, MOFU and BOFU to create a predictable revenue model from the first marketing qualified lead touchpoint to sales conversion. This will help you understand how much investment you need to make at each stage of your funnel.


Marlead curates tailored Outbound Marketing Strategy built around individual buyer personas to determine the journey.

Outreach Touchpoints

We know you don’t have time to waste crafting a message that sounds the same. That’s why we don’t use templates. Instead, we use our best-in-class tools to go beyond email marketing and automate your personas-based campaigns tailored to their preferences and digital channels

Lead Scoring

Are you tired of waiting ages to get the right leads to your sales team? Lead generation is not easy, but with our lead scoring model, it does the work for you. By quantifying every interaction, we can pinpoint the best leads and divert them to your sales professionals at a faster pace.


Outbound marketing is all about reaching and engaging potential customers, so personalization is key. Your message is powerful, but it’s not enough to stand out. Email marketing is one way to engage your prospects in a way that makes it easier to reach the right people at the right time.

Leads Generation

With our help, you can get in front of target customers with the right messaging at the right time and place. We’ll generate more qualified leads for your sales team through our LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools – and custom intent Google Advertising.

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marlead outbound marketing

Campaign Activation

Intent-Based:Get more high-quality leads by targeting prospects looking for a solution like yours. Also, generate the traffic that you need to grow your business.

Persona-based: Outreach your target market with words, pictures and videos that capture the hearts and minds of targeted personas. We know what makes people tick and how to appeal to their pain points.

Hands-on ABM: Hyper-personalize your outreach. We help you target the right decision-makers with specific messages, so you can up your chances of a warm lead and customer.

Re-nurturing: Our re-nurturing solution is a lead re-nurturing lifecycle focused on dead leads into a win. Get back in front of your prospects and turn them into customers!

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marlead OUTbound marketing

Lead Generation

Lead Mining
Our data-enriched lists will help you grow your business—and fast. With large datasets from some of the best sources in the industry, you can target qualified professionals with personalized outreach and free up your own time to work on what matters most.

Lead Funneling
If you’re struggling to make the most of your Track lead interactions and drive lead conversions, we’ve got you covered. With automated lead scoring, the right content at the right time — and a little creativity — your campaigns will allow you to boom.

Lead Capturing
Use high-value CTAs in your outreach and tie them to creative, useful content tools to convert the right amount of leads for your business.

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Track your customer acquisition efforts performance through our funnel tracking tools. Moreover, don’t miss any interaction with your prospects through our Leads Data Platform.


Mix and match data from different channels and sources in one comprehensive dashboard to fully visualize your lead generation performance.


A/B test and personalize your outreach campaigns to optimize conversion rates. Also, increase your number of leads using our optimization specialists’ weekly recommendations.

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